Page Builder for Business Users (On-Demand)

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Target Audience

This course is for people who use the Magento Admin to create, edit, and publish content on Magento. It is suitable for system administrators, business users, merchants/marketers, content managers, and anyone who updates content on Magento.


Knowledge of webpage design, working with the Magento Admin/Back Office, and CMS and WYSIWYG.

Course Overview

This course teaches Page Builder functionality by providing an overview of the tool and introducing real-life scenarios with their solutions. Students will create and revise content with Page Builder, receive an introduction to the Design System concept, and receive tips for working with your team to customize Page Builder to your brand. This course contains many follow-along exercises and a lab to test your new skills. This course will be beneficial for new and experienced Magento users who create content rich pages using Magento v2.3.1 and above.

Page Builder comes bundled with Magento Commerce version 2.3.1. If you wish to complete the exercises in this course, you will need Magento Commerce 2.3.1 or above. We do not provide a virtual machine for this course at this time.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students should be able to identify and explain:

  • Page Builder’s key features and functionality
  • The processes of editing and creating content using Page Builder
  • The Design System concept
  • A Plan of Action for customizing Page Builder

Course Outline

Unit 1: Overview, Setup & Workspace
  • What is Page Builder?
  • Content Elements
  • Key Features
  • Configuring Page Builder
  • Accessing Page Builder
  • The Workspace
  • Stage and basic Page Builder Panel sections
  • Simple Page Exercise

Unit 2: Additional Page Builder Content Types
  • HTML Code
  • Video
  • Sliders
  • Maps
  • Adding Blocks & Dynamic Blocks
  • Adding Product Lists
  • Customizing Product Pages

Unit 3: Design System & Plan of Action
  • Design System components
  • Plan of Action for customizing Page Builder