Order Management

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Customize/extend the Order View page
  • Customize/extend/debug the processes for creating and managing invoices, shipments, and refunds
  • Troubleshoot issues related to price calculation for invoices and refunds
  • Extend/modify price calculation logic during order processing
  • Integrate Magento with 3rd-party order management systems


Candidate must understand and be able to use, basic features of Magento architecture, including:

  • Concepts and functions covered in the “Fundamentals of Magento Development" course
  • Checkout architecture covered in the courses "Shopping Cart & Price Calculation", "Onepage Checkout", "Shipping", "Payment", "Order Placement" and "Taxes & Discounts"
  • LAMP stack
  • The structure of the Magento database

Candidate must be able to:

  • Configure Apache web-server
  • Configure Magento for PHP
  • Work in a Linux-based environment

Course Description

Experienced Magento developers will gain a deeper understanding of the architecture of Orders in Magento. The exercises included in the course will allow participants to apply that understanding to customizing the specific elements related to orders, including: invoices, price calculation, shipments, and refunds. Course based on Magento Enterprise Edition v1.14.

Course Outline

1. Orders
  • Place an order from the admin
  • Review the process of placing an order from the admin
  • Order View page
  • Order statuses and comments
  • Order edit
  • Order cancelation
2. Invoices
  • Invoice creation process—Overview
  • Price calculation
  • Invoice management
  • 3. Shipments
    • Shipment management process
    • Tracking numbers
    4. Credit Memos
    • Refunds in Magento
    • Price calculation for refunds
    5. Order management API
    • Using the API for fulfilling an order