Merchant Track

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Get empowered to manage your Magento store from top to bottom. Explore and learn best-practices for leveraging eCommerce to enhance your business.

Course Description

Courses Included:

  • eCommerce with Magento
    For Merchants and anyone interested in understanding how to leverage eCommerce to enhance their business.
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  • Managing Your Magento Store**
    Learn the various functions within the Magento Admin panel to help optimize the management of your store.
    **Available in English, French and Spanish!
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  • Stepping up Sales with Magento Promotions and Discounts
    The perfect course for those interested in learning the ins and outs of using promotions on Magento.
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  • Growing Your Business with SEO on Magento
    An essential course on configuring your site to best advantage, ensuring optimal interaction with search engine functions.
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  • Multisite Planning for Your Magento Stores
    An essential course on Magento’s multi-site architecture and how it provides centralized management from a data and administrative perspective.
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Methods & Materials

Both convenient and affordable, our OnDemand training courses allow you to access training anytime, at an incredible price. Start and stop at any point in a course so you can focus in on a particular topic or area that is most relevant to you. A great complement to our instructor-led courses, On Demand training offers:

  • A convenient delivery method, with a flexible solution to non-traditional training options
  • A perfect option if you do not have the time or budget for instructor-led training
  • Help with gaining the knowledge and expertise you need to remain competitive

When you sign up for an OnDemand course, Magento U gives you the flexibility to take your course when it is convenient for you. All on-demand courses include:

  • 3 months of 24/7 online access to the course from the date of registration
    (You must have a broadband connection)
  • A professional recording with a top instructor
  • Additional course materials, like virtual machine or handouts (materials may vary based on the course selected)


Each course has its own prerequisites. Please refer to course description of each course within Technical Track.

Learn about the interactive learning you will experience in Magento U On-Demand courses!