Requirements Discovery

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Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Understand the basics of gathering requirements for a Magento implementation using a real-world example
  • Understand how to streamline the requirements gathering process
  • Know how to capture and document user stories and use cases for expected store behavior
  • Be able to use tools, templates, and techniques to capture the requirements for Functional, Integration, and Infrastructure areas
  • Understand how to validate requirements and hand off for design and development

Target Audience

eCommerce Business Analysts


Managing Your Magento 2 Store or equivalent understanding of Magento features and administration

Course Description

This course teaches effective strategies and best practices for gathering the requirements for a Magento implementation. Using real-world scenarios gleaned from experience by Magento's Expert Consulting Group, you'll learn how to write user stories and use cases to collect requirements through a Magento-focused lens. You’ll also be provided with tools and templates created by the Magento team to document your stories, cases, and diagrams.

The tools and skills provided in this course will help you optimize the use of native Magento functionality and avoid unnecessary customizations, extensions, and integrations when gathering requirements for a Magento implementation.

Course Outline

1. Understand Native vs. Custom in Magento

  • Core functionality
  • Application architecture
  • Extensions and customization

2. Requirements and Methodology

  • What are requirements?
  • User stories and use cases
  • SMART requirements
  • Prioritization
  • Requirements gathering techniques
  • Common mistakes
  • Magento's requirements gathering methodology

3. Real-World Scenario

  • Step through examples drawn from a real-world situation
  • Use the templates to gather requirements
    • - Create user stories
      - Create case studies
      - Create flow diagrams
  • Understand integration requirements
  • Understand infrastructure requirements

Note: Although this course has been updated for Magento 2.0, the content is also relevant to anyone working on a Magento 1 implementation.