Magento U On-Demand Subscription

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The On-Demand training subscription is designed to support your professional development with 12 months of unlimited access to Magento U’s On-Demand training. Take advantage of our Limited-Time-Only price of $1250 and ensure your savings for multiple OnDemand courses!

This subscription includes 12 months of:

Unlimited On-Demand Training: Choose from a library of On-Demand courses including Managing Your Magento 2 Store, Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development, Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2, Getting Started with JavaScript Development for Magento 2, and many more.

Subscription to You will receive one (1) year of access to the video training content in an online repository of short lessons for developers learning Magento development.

Personalized Training Roadmap: Speak to a member of the Magento U team regarding your training and certification needs. Magento U will design a personalized training and certification roadmap and you will receive a ‘My Magento Training Roadmap’ to track your training and certification path and progress.

Priority Magento U Support: Magento U Support to respond to your questions regarding training curriculum, certification offerings, and course enrollment process.

View the grid below to see how the On-Demand subscription stacks up against other Magento U subscriptions: