Magento Order Management for Developers v2.3 (On-Demand)

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Target Audience

  • Magento Commerce back end developers working on Magento Order Management projects (including the Magento Commerce Connector and third party integrations)
  • Technical staff responsible for deploying and testing MOM projects


Course Overview

The goal of this course is to develop the skills and knowledge needed to successfully deploy Magento Order Management. Magento Order Management development best practices are introduced and examined, with focus on integration and the ability to properly leverage the Magento Commerce Connector. You will gain the practical knowledge and skills required to deploy, test, troubleshoot, and operate the MOM product.

Learning Objectives

After this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand and install all required and recommended tools for working with MOM
  • Integrate the Magento Connector into Magento Order Management
  • Extend and debug the Connector
  • Perform a MOM Integration
  • Troubleshoot issues on the MOM environment

Course Outline

Unit 1 - Introduction
  • 1.1 Magento Order Management Overview
  • 1.2 MOM Admin User Interface Overview
  • 1.3 Onboarding/starting a New Project

Unit 2 - Plans and Environments
  • 2.1 Environments

Unit 3 - Local Environment
  • 3.1 Getting Access to the Environment
  • 3.2 Creating a Tunnel Between Local Env and MOM

Unit 4 - Magento Order Management Project
  • 4.1 How to Plan an Magento Order Management project
  • 4.2 Magento Order Management API Overview
  • 4.3 Magento Order Management Data and Integration Flow

Unit 5 - Magento Order Management MC Connector
  • 5.1 Working with the MOM Connector
  • 5.2 Installing and Upgrading the Connector
  • 5.3 Customizing the MOM Connector

Unit 6 - Integrations
  • 6.1 Typical Integrations
  • 6.2 Registering Integrations
  • 6.3 Inventory Integrations
  • 6.4 Sales Channel Integrations
  • 6.5 Shipping Integrations
  • 6.6 Carrier Integration
  • 6.7 Customer Service Integrations
  • 6.8 Payment Integrations
  • 6.9 Other Types of Integrations (Reporting, CRM, PIM, etc.)

Unit 7 - Troubleshooting
  • 7.1 Troubleshooting
  • 7.2 Magento Support Portal
  • 7.3 Magento Status Page

Unit 8 - Deployment Process
  • 8.1 Application Testing
  • 8.2 Pre-Launch Activities
  • 8.3 Understanding Processes That Happen During Deployment
  • 8.4 Go Live Process