Magento Commerce 2: Migration Learning Resources


Businesses looking to take advantage of the benefits Magento Commerce 2 has over Magento Commerce 1, and developers who are working on M1 to M2 migrations.


Migrating from Magento Commerce 1 (formerly Enterprise Edition) to Magento Commerce 2 opens up dramatic business potential thanks to a suite of innovative technologies and thriving developer ecosystem. Upgrade to Magento Commerce 2 to take advantage of powerful new features that help you:

  • Deliver Better Shopping Experiences
  • Expand Your Market Presence with Ease
  • Boost Your Selling Capabilities
  • Drive Conversion and Repeat Purchasing
  • Enhance Your Speed, Scalability & Security
  • Utilize True Omnichannel Capabilities
  • Unleash Your Development Teams
  • Empower Non-Technical Teams
  • Capitalize on Your Data
  • And more


Jump start your Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration planning with the following guidance, documents and resources:


Magento U offers two multi-part video series to help you understand and complete the migration process:

Migrating from Magento Commerce 1 to Magento Commerce 2, created by Wagento in partnership with Magento U

#1: Introduction
#2: Theming
#3: Extensions
#4: Custom Code
#5: Data Migration Tool Overview
#6 Pt 1: Starting Data Migration
#6 pt 2: Data Migration Part 2
#7 Delta Migration & Servers
#8: Manual Migrations
#9 Post-Migration Tasks


Data Migration Tool Deep Dive, created by Magento with Magento U

#1: Overview
#2: Let's Migrate Your Magento 1 Store
#3: Observe, Install, Configure
#4 Migration of Settings
#5 Issues, Resolution, & Success
#6 Delta Migration


To learn more about Magento Commerce 2's robust capabilities and how they will benefit your business, contact your Customer Success Manager to further discuss your plans to migrate.