Magento 2 Professional Developer Bundle

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This bundle is designed for any developer who wants to prepare for and take the Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer exam.  Register for both the Magento 2 Developer Study Group and Magento 2 Professional Certification exam at the same time with this bundle and save, save, save for a total potential savings of $110.


Included in this bundle are:


  • Magento 2 Certified Developer Study Group  (Price: $950) - This study group consists of an 11-week series of live group sessions with an instructor, where each week a different topic section from the Magento 2 Professional Developer certification exam is covered. During each session, the instructor will first review the solutions to the (optional) homework exercises from the previous week.

    Note: This study group does not provide all the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam, which can only be acquired from on-the-job Magento experience. A minimum of 18 months’ of Magento 2 development experience is suggested before taking the Professional exam, though this study group workshop series can help shorten that process.