Learning Objectives

After this course, students will be able to:

  • Create high-quality and cost-effective customizations that optimize use of native functions
  • Design customizations that work with simple products
  • Troubleshoot problems related to product type and product architecture more efficiently
  • Identify an indexing issue by looking at the symptoms, in order to debug and fix the issue as it relates to Abstract Indexing
  • Understand indexing flows in order to optimize performance of a customization


This course assumes the student has taken the Fundamentals of Magento Development course or has equivalent knowledge of basic Magento architectural concepts.

The student should also have:

  • A high level of familiarity with developing in a LAMP stack environment.
  • The ability to work in a Linux-based system.
  • A good understanding of the basic concepts of configuring an Apache web server and the configuration of PHP required for Magento.
  • A general understanding of Magento database structure, including the ability to write, optimize, and debug MySQL queries and to design appropriate database schemas for required tasks.

Course Description

The catalog is a crucial part of every web-store, so the ability to effectively customize and troubleshoot this area is a “must have” for any Magento developer. This course presents Magento's product architecture and catalog functionality in depth. Practical tips and exercises help you optimize use of native features and avoid common errors in customizations. Course based on Magento Enterprise Edition v1.14.

Course Outline

1. Introduction
2. Abastract Indexing
  • Purpose of indexing
  • Mage_Indexing and Enterprise indexing overview
  • Debugging indexers
  • Indexer examples: URL rewrite, Stock indexer
3. Catalog EAV
  • Abstract Catalog EAV Classes
  • Catalog Attribute Classes
  • Catalog Setup
  • EAV Indexer
4. Products Overview
  • The catalog/product entity and its properties
  • Product attributes and attribute sets
  • Product types: Concept and high-level overview
  • Product price calculation: General schema
  • Product custom options
5. Simple Products
  • Abstract product type model
  • Review simple product creation process
  • Price calculation
  • Stock indexer
  • Classes and tables related to simple products
6. Catalog API

The following sections are delivered as On-Demand Self-Paced eLearning Modules once the online instructor-led portion of the course has been completed.

7. Configurable Products
  • Configurable Product and Configurable View Page
  • Managing Configurable Products
  • Architecture
  • Type Model Overview
  • Specific Behavior
  • Price Indexing
  • Inventory Indexing
8. Bundle/Grouped Products
  • Bundle Product and BundleView Page
  • Managing Bundle Products
  • Architecture
  • Type Model Overview
  • Specific Behavior
  • Price Indexing
  • Inventory Indexing
9. Virtual Products
  • Downloadable products – creation and view page
  • Virtual products type model
  • Specific tables and classes for downloadable products
  • Price Indexer
  • Specific behavior for downloadable products