Magento B2B for Business Users (On-Demand)

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Target Audience

This course is for anyone involved in adding B2B functionality to an existing Magento 2 site or setting up and running a Magento 2 B2B store. This course is suitable for project managers, solutions architects, administrators, accounts team members, and finance officers. The course provides a detailed overview into the Magento 2 B2B platform.


  • Managing your Magento 2 Store or experience of managing a Magento store and familiarity with the Magento 2 administration interface.
  • Familiarity with B2B concepts and terminology.
  • The following skills are desirable: Basic familiarity with the Linux command line is useful but not essential.

Course Overview

This course provides an overview of the Magento B2B features, including an introduction to setting up and configuring catalogs. It covers setting up company information for B2B partners which includes identifying financial information such as credit and payment methods, B2B partner roles such as company admin and purchasing team, and permissions such as controlling access to B2B orders and quotes. It walks through the B2B storefront purchasing experience and backend order process. It also covers the B2B purchasing and checkout processes including methods of placing orders, requesting and issuing quotes, using purchase orders, reordering, viewing credit balances, and tracking purchases.

This course is based on Magento Commerce 2.3.x.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student should be able to will be able to identify and explain:

  • Identify the two methods to install the B2B extensions
  • Enable where to access B2B features
  • Set up a B2B wholesale catalog and a B2B shared catalog
  • Assign custom prices
  • Provide companies access to a shared catalog
  • Duplicate catalogs
  • Set up the different types of company accounts and describe their roles and permissions
  • Describe how the company admin is different from a Magento admin
  • Use each of the different methods of doing a storefront purchase
  • List the steps in the backend order process

Course Outline

Unit 1 - Magento B2B: Introduction
  • Installation: Web Wizard
  • Installation: Composer
  • B2B Admin Overview

Unit 2 - B2B Overview
  • How to Navigate the Menus

Unit 3 - B2B Configuration
  • Summary of the New Menus Used to Enable B2B Features
  • Category Permissions Related to B2B
  • Enable B2B Features: General, Customers, Sales
  • Set Default Payment Methods
  • Configure Email Options
  • Configure Shared Catalogs
  • Enable B2C Catalogs

Unit 4 - Setting Up a B2B Wholesale Catalog
  • Configuring Tax Rules
  • Configuring Tax Rates
  • Create Wholesale Tax Rule

Unit 5 - Setting Up a B2B Sharing Catalog
  • Configure Shared Catalog
  • Set Pricing and Structure
  • Selecting Products
  • Custom Prices
  • Duplicating Catalogs
  • Adding Companies Access to the Catalog
  • Customizing Duplicated Shared Catalogs
  • Configuring Pricing and Custom Prices
  • Setting Custom Discounts
  • Methods to Modify Duplicated Catalogs

Unit 6 - Setting Up Company Information
  • B2B Account Overview
  • Company Accounts
  • Company Financial Information
  • Company Admin Accounts
  • Requesting and Creating a Company Account
  • Approval Process
  • Creating Company Structure
  • Creating a Purchasing Team
  • Creating Team Accounts
  • Adding Users
  • Assigning Roles and Permissions
  • Assigning Users to Roles
  • Defining Company Structure

Unit 7 - B2B Company Profile
  • Managing Company Information
  • Assigning Catalog to a Company
  • Tracking B2B Orders
  • Viewing Credit Balances

Unit 8 - Storefront Purchasing Experience
  • Instant Purchase
  • Purchase with Card
  • Using Quick Order
  • Requesting a Quote
  • Creating a Requisition List
  • Using Payment on Account
  • Creating a Purchase Order

Unit 9 - Backend Order Process
  • Receiving Orders
  • Acknowleging Emails
  • Order Process Flow
  • Processing the Order
  • Negotiating the Price
  • Shipping Prices
  • Counter-negotiations
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Payment Process

Unit 10 - B2B Purchasing
  • Configuring Companies
  • Editing Company Details
  • Reimbursing Customers
  • Account Information
  • Legal Address
  • Company Admin
  • Company Credit
  • Changing the Shared Catalog
  • Allowed Payment Methods
  • Fulfillment Overview
  • Using Purchase Orders
  • Reordering
  • Next Steps