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Free “How To” Videos

Magento U has published a library of free basic short “How To” videos to help anyone learn to use the world’s most flexible commerce solution.

And we aren’t finished - We invite you to join us! It’s an opportunity to earn Community Forum Badges and Magento swag, a chance to support the Community of users, and another way to promote your name in the Magento-verse.

The videos in the Free Video Library are categorized into the following roles and topics so that users can easily find videos well suited to their needs.

  • Developers
  • Front End Developers
  • Merchants / Marketers
  • System Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Additional Helpful Videos
  • M1 to M2 Migration
  • Magento Marketplace Extensions


Did you say badges?

Yes we did.


Magento U will reward you with Professor Points based on your contributions to the Library and helping others in the Community to learn Magento. Your Professor Points can be redeemed for Magento swag and Community Forum Badges:

  • 1 Professor Point for each Magento U student question that you answer in the Community forum
  • 5 Professor Points for each of your videos that is published in the library
  • At 25 Professor Points you get a special Magento T-shirt
  • At 50 Professor Points you get a “Community Professor” badge on the forum
  • It’s your choice how you earn points; it can be all question answers, all videos, or a combination
  • More awesome swag options will be added as we all work to grow the Library


Contribute Videos

Follow the steps and links below to contribute your own short “How To” videos to the Free Video Library!

  • Review the Guidance PDF. It covers important instructions and checklists. Follow our guidance to have the best possible chance of getting your video published in the Free Video Library.
  • Follow the Guidelines to plan, outline, and create your video that shows and explains how to complete a task in Magento. Wondering what topic to start on? Click HERE to view our most up-to-date list of suggested topics.
  • Sign the Contributor Agreement
  • Upload your video to Dropbox


You will receive confirmation emails after signing the Contributor Agreement and after uploading your video to Dropbox.


Magento professionals will review all contributed videos for quality and accurate information. We will email you when your video is published and request a set of keywords and categorization suggestions for your video. Your contributions will earn badges on the Forum, the respect and appreciation of your peers, and awesome Magento swag!


Recording a "How To" demo video is easy