Free Intro to Magento Business Intelligence

Course Access

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Target Audience

This training is appropriate for Magento Solution Partners who want to offer added value to their customers that use Magento Business Intelligence. This program is also beneficial for potential Magento Business Intelligence subscribers, and new users of the platform.



Course Overview

This course provides an overview of the Magento Business Intelligence platform, including a tech overview, introduction to key dashboards and reports, differences between Magento Business Intelligence Essentials and Pro, and next steps for setting up an account.

This course is based on Magento Commerce v2.2.x and Magento Open Source v2.2.x


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Learning Objectives

After this course, students should be able to identify and explain:

  • The basics behind the technologies that run Magento Business Intelligence
  • How data warehousing works and why it’s central to differentiating Magento Business Intelligence from other analytics tools and platforms
  • Key differences between Magento BI Essentials and BI Pro
  • Key out-of-the-box metrics, reports, and dashboards
  • How to access BI Support and Services
  • Next steps to start using Magento Business Intelligence

Course Outline

  • Magento Business Intelligence: Introduction
  • Tech Overview
  • Data Warehousing 101
  • Comparing Magento BI to In-platform & Web Analytics Tools
  • Magento BI Capabilities: Data Management, Dashboarding, Visualization Layer
  • Magento BI Essentials and BI Pro: What’s the difference?
  • BI Basics: Details and Demo
  • Customer Success Stories
  • BI Support and Services
  • Next Steps