Free Intro to Magento Order Management System

Course Access

You can access this course HERE.

Target Audience

Business users and OMS administrators, store associates and managers, and customer service agents.


Students will find this course valuable if they are using or considering implementing the Magento Order Management System.


This free basic course will introduce business users, OMS administrators, store associates, and customer service agents to the Magento Order Management system.

The course begins with an Order Management system overview and review of the value proposition, then covers the main capabilities of distributed order management, global inventory management, store fulfillment and customer service. The course also explores the OMS user interfaces via the web-based dashboard and mobile point of sale, providing a look into daily administration of the system, management and modification of orders as well as the tools for pick, pack and ship scenarios including ship from store, in store pickup, ship to store and endless aisle.

The information is presented through a series of videos that captures presentations on OMS capabilities, process flow graphics and live product demonstrations.

This course is based on Magento Commerce Order Management capabilities as of April 2018.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the value proposition and use cases for the Magento Order Management System
  • Learn how the system manages orders, aggregates inventory, sources intelligently and facilitates omnichannel.
  • Describe order management best practices
  • Describes and demonstrate sales channel and source management, customer service actions and store fulfillment

Course Outline

    1. Why Use Order Management?
    2. Core Capabilities
    3. Integration
    • a) Integrating with OMS
    • b) Environment Config – SI Portal
    • c) Pre-Integration with Magento Commerce
    4. Distributed Order Management
    5. Global Inventory
    • a) Inventory Visibility
    • b) Sourcing
    6. Store Fulfillment
    • a) Ship from Store
    • b) In Store Pickup
    • c) Ship to Store
    • d) Mobile point of sale
    7. Customer Service
    • a) How to access
    • b) Order lookup and actions
    • c) Cancellations
    • d) Returns
    • e) Appeasements
    • f) Exchanges
    • g) Reshipments