Free Intro to Magento 2 for Business Users

Course Access

Each unit of this course can be accessed by clicking on each of the orange colored unit names in the course outline below.

Target Audience

Magento store owners, eCommerce managers, merchandisers, product or marketing managers, customer service, operations management and staff. People who don’t need the full depth of the Managing Your Magento 2 Store course.  Even non-business users may find this course to be a helpful introduction to using Magento.


Understanding of eCommerce and familiarity with eCommerce systems

Course Overview

This free course is a basic introduction to using Magento. It introduces some of the key features and functionality offered in the Magento 2 Admin Panel. It does not include the thorough exercises, labs, and support that accompany paid Magento U courses. This course gives merchants, marketing managers, Magento store owners, eCommerce managers, customer service, operations management and staff, and other admin users a basic introduction to using Magento.

This course is based on Magento Commerce v2.3.x and Magento Open Source v2.3.x


To help you have the best experience possible, we have a community forum for people to discuss free basic courses. If you need assistance with any of Magento U’s Free Introduction courses or the Free Video Library, visit Magento U on the Magento Forums.

Other Recommended Training

For more comprehensive Business User training, the main recommended course is Managing Your Magento 2 Store. It provides several times the depth of this free basic course through expanded content including the following Magento Commerce topics:

Taxes, Payments and Shipping, Configuring Checkout, Catalog and Price Rules, Customer Segments, Gift Options, Reports, Product Relations, Category Permissions, Metadata, and much more.

Other courses you might consider include:

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction
  • 1.1 Admin Overview
  • 1.2 Application Architecture
  • 1.3 Creating Users and User Roles
  • 1.4 Setting Up for Business

Unit 2: Category Creation and Landing Page Appearance
  • 2.1 Creating Categories
  • 2.2 Category Landing Page Appearance

Unit 3: Products
  • 3.1 Understanding Product Types
  • 3.2 Product Creation Basics
  • 3.3 Product Creation
  • 3.4 Importing and Exporting Products
  • 3.5 Gift Cards in Magento Commerce

Unit 4: Navigation
  • 4.1 Using Layered Navigation
  • 4.2 Arranging Products in a Category

Unit 5: Customer Management and Store Communications
  • 5.1 Customer Accounts and Wishlists
  • 5.2 Customer Management
  • 5.3 Store Communications