eCommerce with Magento 1

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Learning Objectives

After completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize and understand the state of eCommerce and trends of the future
  • Analyze, plan and design their Magento merchant site based on their specific requirements
  • Leverage the many features included in the Magento platform to attract consumers, increase conversion rates, grow revenue, foster customer satisfaction and maximize the return on their Magento investment

Target Audience

  • Merchants who want to increase interaction and customer loyalty through a more engaging user experience.
  • Merchants who've outgrown their current websites and are looking to change platforms
  • Merchants who are new to eCommerce and are looking to jumpstart their learning and avoid common pitfalls

Course Description

Students will get up to speed on the current landscape of eCommerce and where it is heading. They will discover how a Magento eCommerce solution can enhance multiple aspects of their business, not just sales. Students will also learn how to optimize their Magento eCommerce site with best practices. Course based on Magento Enterprise Edition v1.14.

Course Outline

  • Overview: The eCommerce Landscape Trends, examples, quotes from industry sources
  • Increase Brand Awareness & Traffic Themes, traffic drivers, SEO, and increasing brand awareness
  • Generate Revenue Merchandising, navigation, payment options
  • Save Money & Improve Efficiency Order management, self-service, data-feeds, and QuickBooks
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Engagement Loyalty programs, gift cards, reviews — creating brand advocates
  • Selecting the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Business Built-in and advanced capabilities, extendable architecture