Stepping up Sales with Magento Promotions and Discounts

Learning Objectives

After this course you will:

  • Understanding Customer and Product Management as they pertain to creating promotions and discounts
  • Be able to create Special Sales events
  • Understand catalog and Shopping Cart Price Rules for promotions and targeting customers
  • Understand How to discount single or multiple product categories
  • Learn about customer segmentation for Price Rules
  • Understand Best practices for Magento Promotions
  • Be able to Prep and Execute a Promotion Event in Your Magento Store


eCommerce with Magento, Managing Your Magento Store

Course Description

This course provides a look at the Magento toolset for offering in-store promotions and discounts, with a focus on best practice workflows for creating promotions using Price Rules, Customer Segments, Product Categories, Special Sales, and other Magento features. Popular scenarios for specific activities such as discounting and product grouping are stepped through for clarity, so they can be used on site right away. Other management topics touched on are product categories, customer segmentation, attributes, and general management of your targeted customers. Course based on Magento Enterprise Edition v1.13.

Course Outline

  • General Promotion and Discount Techniques
2. Discount using a Coupon Code
  • Catalog Rule vs Shopping Cart Rule
3. Discount for Product Type and Quantity
  • Cart Price Rule without coupon code
4. Discount for Brand with Qualified Customer
  • Targeting specific customer groups
  • Catalog Price Rule
  • Targeting a specific product brand (product attribute)
5. Complex Cart Rule
  • Shopping Cart Price Rule
  • Customer segment details
6. Multiple Discounts
  • Multiple product category discounts
  • How to Modify an existing rule
7. Abandoned Cart and Email Reminders
  • Create automated email reminder from template
  • Generate automatic promotion codes
8. Loyalty Promotion
  • Generate invitation form
  • Assign loyalty points
  • Provide points tracking through customer accounts
9. Course Review