Growing Your Business with SEO on Magento

Learning Objectives

After this course, students will:

  • Understand the factors that influence your organic search ranking
  • Learn to leverage eCommerce best practices for SEO in your site
  • Understand the Site structure and configuration for SEO
  • Learn to leverage Magento SEO functions
  • Understand URL Management and Re-writes
  • Learn to leverage onsite content best practices
  • Learn to properly setting up multi-store, multi-lingual (international) and multi-domain environments for SEO
  • Onsite technical implications for SEO
  • Learn to migrate your site to Magento while retaining organic rankings
  • Understand offsite SEO factors
  • Learn to use social media to improve search rankings
  • Learn to benchmark, measure, and track your SEO performance
  • Learn to leverage Search Engine algorithms, practices, and eternal vigilance


eCommerce with Magento, Managing Your Magento Store

Course Description

This course provides an understanding of the current SEO environment and how you can boost your organic search result performance. The focus is on configuring your site to your best advantage as well as employing best practice tools and techniques for ensuring optimal interaction with search engine functions. Additional topics focus on optimization vigilance, to ensure you keep current with search engine practices. Magento functionality, tools and practices for optimization are highlighted. Course based on Magento Enterprise Edition v1.13.

Course Outline

1. SEO Industry
  • What determines your rank?
  • SEO evolution
  • Challenges for Online Retailers
2. Setting up Magento for SEO
  • Technical Configuration (robots.txt, .htaccess, Semantic markup, Header tags, Hidden content, Site Performance)
  • Magento Configuration (Global Configuration, Product URLs, XML Sitemap, Additional Tweaks)
  • Migrating Your Site to Magento (301 redirects, Sitemap, Social media links)
3. Site Content for SEO
  • Your Site Content (product data, Category data, Internal Linking Structure, Multistore, Breadcrumbs)
  • User-Generated Content (Product Reviews, Tags, Product Q&A)
4. Social Media impact on SEO
  • Social cues and Search
  • Google+ Authorship
  • How to stay Social
5. Measuring your SEO effort
  • Measuring Results
  • Keyphrase rank tracking