Multisite Planning for Your Magento Stores

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Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Understanding typical use cases for multisite
  • Learning how to analyze your business needs
  • Understanding websites, stores, and store views
  • Exploring a typical multiple product store setup – multiple functionalities across all brands
  • Exploring a multi-location business – separate management criteria for each brand
  • Analyzing currencies, pricing, permissions, and promotion needs
  • Separating Admin and User activities – site permissions
  • Evaluating the website footprint
  • Understanding capacity planning, Magento configuration, and cache configuration


eCommerce with Magento, Managing Your Magento Store

Course Description

This course provides a look at the basic functionality of a business that has multiple websites on the Magento platform, and the planning behind leveraging Magento’s full capabilities to support your business initiatives. The course explores Magento’s multisite architecture and how it provides centralized management from a data and administrative perspective. Course based on Magento Enterprise Edition v1.14.

Course Outline

1. Introduction
  • Understanding the course objectives
  • General discussion of the current eCommerce landscape
2. Websites, Stores, and Store Views
  • Defining data across your business
  • Admin functions
  • Centralizing data management
  • Typical use cases
3. Case Study: Multi Vertical Storefronts
  • Business structure
  • Mapping requirements
  • Allocation of websites
  • Demo
4. Case Study: Multiple-Brand Global Retailer
  • Business structure
  • Mapping Requirements
  • Allocation of Websites
  • Demo
5. Global Deployment Considerations